Single-shot rifle type 100F and 200F is intended for target shooting/ sporting shooting.

It is designed to only be charged with 6 mm ME, domestic or foreign production, corresponding to the provisions of the CIP.

Clean the barrel bore before you start shooting, which includes drying the chamber.

Conclusion and sliding surfaces of the breech may be slightly greased.

Model 200F is equipped with a dovetail groove for mounting a scope. Slot width of 10mm. It is recommended to use the mounting height min. 35 mm (measured on the axis of the lens).

Charging the gun:

Use the bolt handle to turn the bolt so that the bolt handle is in right angle at the backstop. By a smooth pulling movement the bolt shall be moved to the back position and the bullet can then be charged into the chamber. Then the bolt handle should be grasped so that the bolt turns and moves in the direction of the axis. By moving the bolt to the front position and turning all the way to the stop, the weapon is ready to shoot. Pulling and turning the hammer so that the securing pin fits fully into the cutout in the bolt case will lock the gun. By completing this the strung battery mechanism is locked. The gun can then be unlocked by reverse procedure. The actual shooting can then be done by aiming and then pushing the trigger. To shoot again, the bolt handle shall be moved to a right angle and pulled all the way back so that the cartridge is thrown off the bullet chamber, inserting a new bullet and repeating the cycle.

Disassembling the gun:

Loosen and screw out the connecting screw. Remove the entire gunstock and put it aside. Move the bolt handle to right angle and push bolt all the way to the stop. Push the trigger so that it holds against the bolt case and push the bolt all the way off the bolt case. Return the trigger to the original position. The gun is now ready to be cleaned and stored in the transport case.

Safety precautions:

a) Only use quality and rust-free ammunition from the original packing
b) Don’t use ammunition that has fallen on the ground without cleaning it thoroughly first
c) Use proper eye and ear protection when shooting
d) Shooting with a heavily oiled gun is not recommended
e) Attention: If the bullet is in the chamber and you are not going to shoot immediately, the gun should be locked/secured first. Never let the hammer go to the mid-position when a bullet is in the chamber. If you want to remove the unused bullet, it is not necessary to unlock the gun, only move the bolt handle to the right angle position the bolt will then spring out and the unused bullet will be moved out of the chamber by the extractor.

Cleaning the gun:

The barrel should always be cleaned from the bullet chamber by a cleaning rod using tow, cotton-wool or washed-out soft cotton cloth. High-quality brand cleaning and conservation media should only be used.

Barrel bore and the bullet chamber should be cleaned right after shooting. Conservation media should always be used after cleaning. If the gun isn’t used for frequent shooting, it should be checked at least on a monthly basis and conserved again if needed. It’s not recommended to use metal brushes to clean the gun. To clean fouling, use soft (wooden, plastic) tools.

The producer bears no responsibility for guns repaired outside specialized workshops.

It’s recommended to have the gun checked and cleaned in a specialized workshop.

Keeping these basic principles, the gun will remain trouble free and precise.


The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by improper installation of the scope or by usage with an improper installation.


It is not allowed to repair the gun on your own. Only a specialized workshop can carry out repairs otherwise the producer withdraws the responsibility and consequences. (the gun loses its warranty)


The gun should be stored in a dry and dust free place with a stable temperature so that water can not condensate on the gun and thus causing corrosion on metal parts and damaging the wood impregnation – in such event the gun should be cleaned and impregnated immediately. It is also recommended to clean and conserve the gun at least once in 6 months even if the gun hasn’t been shot from. The gun should also be checked and lubricated (inside and outside) at least once in a year in a specialized workshop.



The producer gives a guarantee of two years on the function and precision of the gun, one year on the surface of metal parts and 6 months on the gunstock.

The guarantee covers material faults, heat treatment and faulty production.

Only the first owner is entitled to guarantee repairs. A guarantee certificate confirmed by the shop that sold the gun has to be presented. In case these criteria are met, the producer covers the repair of a gun in original packing.

The guarantee doesn’t cover faults caused by unauthorized repairs, wrong or violent care or wrong storing.