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I got a flobert gun produced by a company from the city that is as close to gun production as the letter A is to letter B – the Spielberg Brno gun factory produces it. I’ve been interested in the gun for more than half a year and my interest got even more intense when I read some negative comments online.

From some time it is very popular to say “What’s Czech can’t be any good”, but this is often heard only from those who not only own the particular thing, but have never held it in their hands.

I hope my review is unprejudiced then.

The whole article in Czech can be found here: Flobertka Spielberg Brno


People from Brno and those who have lived here for some time will surely know that “ŠPILAS” is the Brno castle in the local dialect. The Spielberg Brno gun factory has chosen its original name for their logo. For around two years they have quietly prepared and tested prototypes and in the third quarter of 2011 they have introduced their first flobert guns.

After the 7.5J max output for a gun sold without having to own a gun permit it seemed that classical flobert guns and pistols are gone.

The whole article in Czech can be found here: Flobert guns from “špilas”